Dual dvi 1920*1200 for dell 2405

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by just21, May 26, 2006.

  1. just21


    Anybody reccomend an agp graphics card to run two dell 2405 monitors digitally? The only one I have found so far is a matrox p650. Any others? The nvidia quadro nvs280 only does this resolution in analogue. thanks
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    I think that is a PCI express card.
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    I have had problems with the Matrox p650. The first one worked ok for four weeks before red lines appeared on any black backgounds and the desktop. I ordered a second one that turned up doa. Matrox quality is not what it was. Any other ideas for this?
  6. just21


    I am going to use a saphire radeon 9000 agp and another card. Any idea for a pci card from ati that will work with this?
  7. MONACO11


    I use Radeon 7500 for my second DVI monitor. I have two Samsung 21.3 displays, works great..I may have to
    buy another.

    I found the Radeon 7500 for around $40
    6 months ago...

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    Motherboard with PCI express slots are really cheap these days. Consult with a local PC guy. Then you can buy cheap PCI Express cards that would give higher performance than those expensive trader station cards. And they are abundant.
  9. If you're getting a Sapphire ATI, AGP, they I suggest you look for a Sapphire ATI, PCI, to avoid potential driver conflict.
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