dual DSL lines

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kicking, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. I need a back up to my dsl line. I can't get cable where I live. Does it make sense at all to have an account with another provider on the same phone line ?
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  3. You can't get DSL from two providers on the same line. You'd need two lines - but there's little/no benefit since both lines will go through the same central office equipment.

    You'd need a backup that didn't share the same physical plant for it to make sense.
  4. sorry , it would be on a separate line, because I would have one machine on each. Obviously it would only make sense if the providers shared as few pipes as possible. But how do you find out ?
  5. i wouldnt worry about the same CO if in your area the different providers have their own DSLAM to provide DSL access. obvisiously if the other providers can only resell or are reselling DSL from the local bell youll be SOL if the DSLAM goes down.
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    The best way to back up a DSL without cable is to get some sort of dialup connection. That is what I currently do, not because of the added expense, but because it is the only sure way to know that I can access my broker if the DSLAM to my DSL goes down.

    Unless you are monitoring/trading many many symbols, the speed of the dialup will not adversely affect you for the few minutes/hours/day that you need to worry about it a year.

  7. Or get Satellite as back up:D