Dual Core Laptop

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by limitdown, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. they're coming!!!!!!

    really soon too.....


    anyone else see these at another site?
  2. nixad


    First time i'm seeing dual core laptops
  3. Isn't it exciting?
  4. always seemed good to be portable incase of transit strikes and such.....
  5. macbook pro...
  6. izeickl


  7. Why?
    I'm in multiprocessors since PIII Xeons. Only good for servers. Over the last 10 years, almost no software (for traders) takes advantage of these. You can easily observe that looking at individual processor load-graphs.
    This has been pointed out in many places. Ever seen a benchmark for run of the mill software?
    Are you going to write the soft yourself?
  8. the Intel dual cores are not nearly as serious as dual core AMD's

    there are more coming into the fray as we speak.....
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