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    Need some advice: Am currently running NT 4 SP6. Am considering also installing W98 to one partition of hard drive for other uses, i.e "consumer" stuff. Any comments ? Thanx
  2. I would not do it. I think you are asking it for it. With the prices of computers these days consider buying a cheap machine for your consumer software. You can get a new computer today on the cheap for less then $500. You can buy a used machine for $100.

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    Thanks John. That's what I want to avoid. I already have three in the house. The other two are W95's. The point is I want to run a digital camera and there aren't many that are compatible with NT as NT doesn't support USB. My NT machine has USB ports so I figured to do the dual boot in order to take advantage of them. I really don't want to buy a camera and a computer to use it with. Thanks
  4. I use Windows 2000 and it supports USB ports. You might want to upgrade to Win 2000 or better yet XP. I think that may help you out.

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    If you had installed Win98 first, when you installed WinNT it would have detected it and offered dual-boot capability. Unfortunately it doesn't work in reverse. At this stage if you want to have both operating systems you could purchase System Commander and have it be your boot manager, then you could not only boot into either o/s, but you could later add others. I've been happily using S.C. for many years and currently have it setup with a menu where I can select Win2000, WinXP, Win98, and DOS (used to also have NT but FAT32 became an issue so I eliminated it).
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    Magna; so if I understand you, SC will allow me to do this? And what about FAT 16 or 32 or NTFS with 98
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    John; I have considered upgrading to 2K pro but have heard horror stories about that manouvre. In fact on this forum a couple years back people were having problems with the upgrade.. My NT is OEM install and I am really pleased with the os and I very much dislike 98 but it seemed as though this might be the most expedient compromise.
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    I'd use/ change to Win2000 for your trading if you can face it... for home stuff you may as well go with XP - i mean Win98 is fairly bad, Me is slightly less bad, so XP is the only option nowadays i suppose........

    to do it - get Partition Magic. The latest version (7?) supports XP. I dual boot my pc, with the original ME sytem just in case, and installed Win2000 - major, major improvement. Partition magic comes with 'Boot Magic' which will take care of giving you a startup option between the two. If you don't have a seperate partition for your 'My Documents' stuff and any other data - then use partition magic to create one - move your stuff to it, then once you've dual installed your data will still be available to either system.

    good luck

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    Coops; with NT my hard drive is already partitioned into 3 chunks; C D &E. Can't I just install a new os to one of those partitions ? What do you mean " if you can face it" ?? sounds sorta scary.
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    Coops, I've noticed partition magic sells a manual for $40, do you think this is neccessary or is it easy enough to use without it. Hate spending money on useless stuff. Have win98 on a machine I want to put win2k pro on.
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