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  1. Does anyone use these chart feeds for ensign or alone without ensign? If so I am wondering how reliable the feeds are compared to esignal, my current package. They look cheaper for same data.
  2. DTN and IQFeed are the same thing, so its one data feed, not two.

    We support IQFeed in QuoteTracker and it is very reliable. ensign uses the same thing.

    I cannot compare it to eSignal though, since I have not used it.
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    I use Medved QuoteTracker software with IQFeed datafeed.
    Good software, good datafeed.
    Highly recommended.
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    I've been using IQFeed and Ensign for a few months, primarily for the eminis. It's been very reliable and the ES, NQ and YM data are clean and timely. And it works in Quotetracker as well, which is awesome (thanks again Jerry, your program is great!).

    They do not, however, have continuous contract symbols, so that's been a bit of a pain...I asked them about this and it doesn't look like it's in their plans. And when looking at stocks, I seem to get some errant ticks, though these could be either bad data or just out-of-the-market prints that need to be filtered...hasn't caused me too much grief, I just filter. There is also currently some issue between Ensign and IQFeed that shows up when you are getting alot of activity in ES and you have a Time & Sales window up...Ensign continues to graph and the time&sales rolls, but it stops being responsive to mouse clicks which can be sort of a pain. Supposedly this is a known issue and is being fixed.

    I've recently started watching the ESTX50 on EUREX as well, and that data is ok, but missing volume and lags by just about 1 sec from IB...but otherwise appears pretty consistent. I haven't followed up with them on the volume issues yet.
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    I use it with TradeStation 2000i and Dynastore ligh for TS.

    I am happy.

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    Once Again, as someone said earlier.......
    They don't support "Continuous Contracts".......and no plans to do so.
    That's a problem for me.........maybe not for you.
  9. And I am not real impressed yet. I watched the spminis yesterday with IQ feed running next to esignal, and esignal was a good second faster on all ticks. I could look at the mini dome, see the prints go off right after on esignal, then look at IQ and watch the print. Then tonight trading the stoxx, it was even worse. Will keep watching, but to save 60 bucks over esignal for a slower product, that won't work for me. Will watch on some stocks next week since not trading today during US hours today.
  10. Has anyone tried DTNIQ for CBOT grains futures?
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