DTniq, is it comparable to Esignal? Better,worse,same

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rabmanducky, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. ...and I just got a communication recently from E-signal that their monthly fee is going up...yet again...
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  2. Jesus... reminds me of my last grand mal while watching "Japanese Kung Fu fighting Robots".
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  3. Great tools.....Inv R/T is working directly with marketdelta.com and they will both be cross-promoting a new product soon (maybe by September 1st)....so everything is going to get even better. :)
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  4. They both have their own implementations. MarketDelta have their FootPrint charts. Investor/RT have their Volume Profile charts. They are basically separate implementations of the same concept with a few variations.

    As pointed out by 5Pillars and as per this notice, Linnsoft (Investor/RT) and MarketDelta will be collaborating in the near future - perhaps offering a consolidated product later on i.e. no competition -> raise the prices :mad:

    I believe MarketDelta have some part of the idea/concept/technology patented :confused: therefore this is probably the reason for the collaboration but I'm just speculating; I'm not up to date on the history.


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  5. Fortunately, no Tonic-Clonics for me but I wonder what the effects would be watching those charts whizzing by whilst on mushrooms? LOL :D
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