DTniq, is it comparable to Esignal? Better,worse,same

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  1. Peabo,

    I switched from eSignal to DtnIQ feed over a year ago and have never looked back since, the data feed is as reliable if not better than esignals and is not a cpu hog like esignal. The customer service is a ten out of ten..imho.:D
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  2. I admit I've not used eSignal, but I have been using IQfeed for about a year to trade both equity options and futures options. The only complaint about futures with IQfeed is their continuous contract support isn't quite there yet. If you're daytrading, this isn't a big deal (as you'll follow the front month contract anyway), but if you're a longer-term trader, you need the "big picture" view. DTN has said the continuous contracts are now a high priority.

    In terms of customer service, I have the "distinction" of being the 4th most active poster on DTN's support web site. Despite being a small customer of DTN and complaining about obscure issues that few other people encounter, their support has been top notch, delivered with good cheer, and extremely fast. Most important, the answer is delivered by someone who knows what they're talking about, rather than telling you to "install the latest patch level" or "upgrade to Windows 2003" just to get you off their back.
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  3. I also recently left Esignal for DTN.IQ because of the Investor R/T charting I use with market delta information. I use the Inv R/T charting with DTN.IQ feed and everything has been super....even at the Fed announcement there was zero lag!

    DTN does have some very good customer service and that was important to me too!
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  4. I've recently switched to DTniq and love it. I think its better than e-sig
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  5. yet another vote for DTN. I have used both extensively. Combined with Ensign, I find that DTN is superior and cheaper.

    The major factor for me, even if both were the same price, is that DTN is FAR more stable. They simply don't crash. Esignal did this to me on a regular basis. Their FM deivery in the 80's crashed, cable deivery in the 90's crashed, and current net delivery crashes as well. That said, I haven't used them for about 3 years or so.

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  6. mktman


    What does DTN cost?
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  7. maxpi


    One thing, DTN does not have bid and ask history, they have it in realtime of course but no history. Otherwise, great all the way around, a very professional outfit IMO.
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  8. I can't speak to cheaper or not, but I've been running esignal for years without ever crashing. One of the reasons I've never left is because I have so much invested in their EFS studies and many of the less expensive competitors don't have all the extras I like such as market profile, depth for futures and equities, and a time and sales window I can filter.

    When I'm spending so much for computers, redundant ISPs, and several brokerage accounts, I don't personally worry about the monthly fee for my data. I just bake everything into a per trade cost every month which gives me a little better perspective of my spending. I might balk when thinking about spending a $100 more a month or a $1000 more a year, but when it breaks down to less than a dollar a trade, I'd rather be more concerned that I'm able to make up that dollar and much more by having all the tools I need to be profitable.

    Just my personal opinion.


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  9. Been using eSignal for over 3 yrs. I think I've had 3 one-day crashes in that period. Support with LiveRep has always been excellent. I don't use it for charting though, just data for Ensign.
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  10. You're mistaken, bid and ask history is indeed available.

    The last 2 trades for IBM (gotten through DTN's history):

    8/11/06 13:02 - 100 trade @ 75.41, bid 75.41, ask 75.42
    8/11/06 13:02 - 400 trade @ 75.41, bid 75.40, ask 75.41
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