DTniq, is it comparable to Esignal? Better,worse,same

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  1. Anybody using IQFeed (DTN) DDE spreadsheets... how do they work... how many symbols are allowed... etc... thanks...


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  2. DTN/IQ's IQFeed with QuoteTracker charting software ($60/year) is a great combination. If you want to parse out your charting package and data feed, IQFeed is the way to go. With esignal you have to pay for the charting package even if you only want the data feed.

    Soapbox Editorial: A general point of irritation with all of these data vendors is that they charge a separate fee to get real-time futures data (separate from the exchange fee). There's no separate charge for real-time equity market data. I don't trade equities, so I feel like I'm paying twice for access to real-time data, plus the exchange fees. I would like to know if there's some reasonable explanation for this. I expect it's a bullsh* gouge they can all get away with due to the fact that they all do it.

    Good luck with your decision.

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  3. Tried the free download and it doesn't work. Get a message that you need the eSignal Data Manager also and to download it separately!

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  4. Likewise, ProphetX is an amazing product, glad I got rid of that eSignal crap and their piss poor customer service., eSignal does have what is coming to them, and it is already starting.

    Things are going to be getting interesting as customers wise up and realize they are being heavily overcharged for eSignal and can't even provide support for it.
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  5. I believe one of the the reasons for that is that the exchanges charge the data vendor a fixed monthly fee on top of the exchange fees paid by the users. The vendor's need to recoop that cost, and the futures fee is the way to do it
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  6. VisionTrader tells me I am not entitled to run it!! Typical Esignal bullshit! And account maintenance has no option for VisionTrader. At least I couldn't find it

    1 more month and I'm done with ESignal :) :)
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  7. It took it quite a while to get it up and running. You have to also download the eSignal Data Manager. Did that but also got the entitlement messages several times. After checking the username and password in Data Manager, I rebooted my machine and it finally let me open VT. It was a little slow to run the first time but it got better beginning with the 2nd try.

    However, it is annoying that you have to shut down the DM separately.

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  8. not so sure about 2x the customer base, but I agree heavily with your comments of praise for DTN

    Esignal is way overpriced.

    They offer substantially reduced pricing to a number of these software packages that use customized data feeds that do not allow general eSignal usage. These packages simplify the markets for most investors (not so much as traders) so that they only need a datafeed. These have brought in hundreds and thousands of customers to eSignal, and provide a regular cash flow into their coffers.

    DTN is vastly superior, however, eSignal has the most and best add-on services known to the general investment public.
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  9. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal


    Glad you got VisionTrader running.

    We have a forum going on VT here:


    We've had some very positive feed back from brokerages who have been testing it so far. This current version supports Interactive Brokers and Patsytem's many brokerage partners.

    VisionTrader will support the Real Time brokerage data feeds and execution systems of optionXpress, Cybertrader, Redi, Oanda, Man / Lind, and more in the next release soon. Plus it is free.

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  10. Peabo


    Hi All,

    I am currently evaluating the TopGun scanner software, and really like it. It requires a datafeed from either eSignal or DTN.IQ.

    In searching for info on these datafeeds, I had severe difficulty navigating the eSignal webpage to determine where the datafeed info was (there are way too many details on their home page). The DTN.IQ was clearer; I found it in two clicks.

    Anyway, I found out through TopGun that DTN.IQ was cheaper, so I am running the trial version of their IQfeed which fuels the TopGun software.

    I am very pleased with the IQfeed, but wondered about the eSignal datafeed (is it better, quicker, cheaper??). Based on the dozens of reviews I have read, DTN.IQ is better for stock traders such as myself. If you trade futures or the Forex, eSignal offer more. eSignal is almost twice the price of IQfeed!!

    There are HUNDREDS of negative posts about eSignal, almost none concerning DTN.IQ.

    My customer service experience with IQfeed has been excellent, a good sign for the future. Customer service is a big deal for me, as I used to work in the software industry and worked for a company that constantly neglected/screwed the customer once they paid for our software (we all felt like software whores).

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