DTniq, is it comparable to Esignal? Better,worse,same

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  1. i was thinking of switching from esignal to dtniq. Thought dtn doesn't have all the exhanges availble that esignal does, is dtn comparble to esignal. I read only two posts on phrophet from dtn.
  2. I was told by a software vendor that connects to both feeds, that Esignal has more days of tick data available. Some ppl here have complained that Esignal has issues, although I have never experienced that in 3 months I used it.

  3. I changed from esig to dtn and have never looked back. The cost is cheaper, customer service is excellent and sofar i have never had a down day with there data or a bad tic.

    Sign up for the DTN free trial and run esig side by side and see the difference for your self.
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    Is your question in terms of data?

    Data domestic= Dtn as good or better

    Data overseas= Esignal more selection, inconsistent delievery. Dtn fair but limited exchanges.

    Data reliability/accuracy/up time = Dtn. But both are true tick feeds. Esig = > historical data.

    Data speed= About same

    Cost = Dtn

    Total add on services = Esig

    Customer serv = Dtn

    Charting= Esign but ProphetX is closing fast.

    Esig has some positive features. And not so positive.

    In terms of cost they are WAY overpriced imo. If you go yearly sub cost is ok. Reliability is better than its made out to be on the forums but when its down, it not a minor deal and customer service goes into damage control mode.

    The add on features are better than Dtn's but in terms of cost/benefit if data is all you need, Dtn is solid choice. I have been using them awhile now and have not had one problem. Customer service is intelligent, useful and reachable. Zero downtime.

    Dtn is not a marketing machine so they have a lower profile. But they have about twice the customer base of esig and not without reason.
  5. Now that I did not know...

    But they have about twice the customer base of esig and not without reason.
  6. I'd love to see some published numbers showing that. I think DTN's only big user base is their ag product and in that case you're not comparing apples to apples. I think esignal has the bigger active trader count, but it would be great to see some numbers if anyone has them.


  7. same here
  8. I just finished a one week trial of the ProphetX charting package. Not quite as good as eSignal when I used it before (cancelled over a year ago) but it does look promising.

    However, I cannot find pricing anywhere on the website and it appears that the only way to find out is to talk to salespeople which I am not in favor of.

    Anyone using the charting that can give us a hint about pricing?
  9. Not a user, but I checked about 2 months ago, on the initial release of ProphetX.

    At that time it was $75 per month + exchange fees. Compared against my Esignal deal including exchange fees, it was like $3 cheaper. Considering all my custom EFS code would have to be converted (to a somewhat unproven program :eek: ) it wasn't worthwhile to switch.

    BTW; I was surfing around today and I noticed Sierrachart now works with IQFeed! There's a combo to check out!

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    Chuck_T eSignal

    New from eSignal, VisionTrader, a professional trading front end to multiple brokerages.

    Will trade futures, options, stocks, and forex. Current release supports Interactive Brokers and Patsystems, but 10 more will be released within weeks.

    VT will be integrated into the eSignal 8.1 release.


    It is FREE, so check it out.

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