DTNIQ - Anyone try it out?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Riesgo2002, May 21, 2002.

  1. I am currently using Quicken, I thought it was the best deal till I heard about dtniq's offer, works out to $44.50/month for 12 months includes option quotes w/greeks.

    I think I will do the 7day trial in a couple of weeks..
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    I had it a couple years ago and it worked out well.
    Real-Time quotes are extra though.

    Joe Barry
  3. Need more recent info than that, real time quotes are standard now..
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    Until some time near the end of last year I had a subscription that was used for backup quotes on another computer. Hopefully, the new version is much faster than the version I had back then. Even on an 866 MHz computer their software ran slow. If you have been using software that does less, then you will not understand.

    I paid about $1,000 per year. Assuming there is no hidden charge or hidden agenda, the current lower price makes DTN.IQ attractive, if you are not already using something better. It really is amazing how low the company has reduced their price. Apparently, they are trying hard to stay in business.