DTN Ripoff

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jimcrist, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. jimcrist


    I've subscribed to DTN's NxCore since March '08, paying them monthly $366. Initially, I asked if I could get a discount if I paid yearly in advance, and they said no. I assumed it was a monthly contract, but if you read it, it says: Initial contract period (if not selected, initial term will be 12-months). There's no way to select anything. I asked and they said they only do yearly contracts and it automatically renewed for another year.

    Now I want to suspend service, 'cuz my system quit working and I need to do more backtesting. I may or may not find a new system and resume trading.

    So, instead of providing good customer service, so I'd come back to them, they're pissing me off. They agreed to a 3-month suspension, but I'll have to acknowledge I knew it was a annual contract.

    Should I kick the can down the road, cancel my credit card now, or what? I've already paid these guys $6322, give me a break...