DTN Releases Brand New ProphetX Active Trader workstation

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    Our Brand New, DTN ProphetX Active Trader Edition is now available! Build specifically for the active Equity, Emini and Forex trader, DTN ProphetX Active Trader couples the fast, reliable data DTN customers have come to appreciate with the advanced analytics demanding traders need.

    View our online video demonstration of the product at http://www.dtniq.com/pxdemo.cfm , then sign up for a free trial at http://www.prophetx.com to see the product for yourself.

    Our goal with ProphetX Active Trader Edition was to address the issues many traders face with their current solution. You no longer have to settle for unreliable quotes, poor customer service, stripped down charting or limited amounts of data in order to keep your costs low.

    For only $75 per month (annual price plus exchange fees), you get the speed and reliability of the DTN datafeed AND a high end analytic workstation from a company serving market data to over 80,000 customers!

    If you have any questions about DTN ProphetX Active Trader Edition, please contact our sales group at 800-475-4755. You can sign up for a free trial now at www.prophetx.com.

    Here are just a few of the many features included in our BASIC service:
    -Watch as many symbols as you need - no symbol limit
    -Data direct from the exchanges for speed and reliability
    -Advanced analytics with complete interface flexibility
    -Custom studies, formulas and signals
    -Continuous contracts/charting for the Eminis
    -Historical Minute data going back over 1 year
    -Extensive drag and drop capabilities— drag symbols from a quote sheet onto a chart, drag and drop tabs to move windows around, etc..
    -Multiple monitor support
    -Drag and drop DDE to Excel
    -Full workspace and template support
    -Tabbed and paged windows to quickly and easily group and access data
    -E-mail, TTS, "Application Run" actions for alerts
    -Real-time news from PR, Bizwire and RealTimeTraders with full text searching and filtering
  2. any plans to add on products for non windows pc

  3. Do you have an estimate on a price to get everything so that I can view charts and quotes of NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX stocks?

    I'm interested in trying it out, if it is more reliable, and I like the charts, eSignal might finally have some competition on hand, and might lose a customer.
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    We don't have any plans for a non-windows version, but we are the preferred datafeed for InvestorRT which has a Mac version of their software.

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    For NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX, the price would be $81/month (includes exchange fees) when paid annually, or $101/month when paid monthly. The basic service is $75 per month when paid annual, or $95 per month when paid monthly. You just pay the exchange fees for the data you want.

    This product includes the ability to get the US or Canadian equity exchanges, the eminis from CME, CBOT and NYMEX, and forex data.

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    Is this datafeed any different than IQFeed or DTN IQ, and if so, is there an api for it?

  7. Also, is there any actiation fee or anything else that you have to pay in the first month... I'm checking out the video right now, and will check out the demo next week, does the demo feature live data?

    I'm liking what I see so far.

    Few other questions:
    Can you scale the charts any way you like, like in eSignal? *Nevermind, Found it on the video, way cool*

    Also, can you detatch charts from the application.... lastly, do you think you will be able to in the future link with Laser, so that you can detatch a chart, and pin it to Laser and set a link for it, like you can with eSignal, because I do that currently with eSignal, and I link it to my Level 2 windows in Laser and it updates all the eSignal charts, so, hopefully something like that could be done in the future.
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    Yes, this service is completely separate (at this time) from IQFeed. This product will be replacing DTN.IQ (our client application - not the feed) in the near future. We will be working on porting IQFeed to the ProphetX server systems by the end of the year.

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    Activation fee: There is a $95 Activation Fee
    The video demo was shot today, and is running live when I was recording it. The trial we offer includes real time data if you pay the exchange fees ($6).

    As for the charts, the are COMPLETELY customizable. You can adjust the scale by dragging the axis. You can lock it to specific values, you can adjust the precision and you can choose what pricing increments you want displayed on the axis.

    Multi monitor support is included, which allows you to detach any window from the main GUI and move it around as you see fit.

    I am not familiar with Laser. Shoot me a PM with details and it is something we can look into. We are actively and aggressively building this product. You are essentially looking at version 1 of the Active Trader edition (which is labeled version 3.0). Version 3.1 is going to beta this week, and should be released sometime in April.

  10. Ok... one problem, my charts are not looking right.

    Daily and Weekly look okay... but for anything under 10 minute charts, it isn't looking pretty.... for example, check out the screen shot.

    is it supposed to look like that?

    Curious if anyone else has this problem?

    Last question, is there a way to plot a Price/Volume Histogram on the chart. Always interested in something like this, in eSignal they had someone create an indicator for it, but it didn't work well and made the application slow, just curious if there is a study for ProphetX that allows this?
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