DTN: Is NOT Keeping Up...

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  1. I have a Core 2 Duo - 2Gigs of Kenniston memory with a 4MB Cable feed and a CPU never over 85% this morning and no way was DTN keeping up or even close to IB...

    anybody else...?

  2. Yeah you're right.

    They're sucking @ss really bad this morning.

    Let's start looking at alternatives (I've been seeing a lot of complaints about them from some pretty decent traders here).

    Jimmy Jam
  3. jbarnby


    Same here....horrible this morning! Glad to know it wasn't my imagination.
  4. JJ'..

    Do you know what IQ Feed Server you are on you can double click on the icon on the system tray and read it...

    mine was on the server and i had to restart DTN to log into the which works better...

    and we pay for this...

  5. FWIW, the NYSE is having issues this morning.
  6. No probs here in Mountain time zone

    v4.2.14 has a separate diagnostic app (which must run solo). Have you guys checked your ping and trace times, and server connects?

    Sorry to hear of your problems

    EDIT: RT Futures and cash indexes only. No RT equities or options.
  7. No ping, trace, or PC probs even DTN admitted that 148 server was not acting right...

  8. My CQG has not missed a beat.
  9. When you loose confidence in your equipment your dead.
  10. Check the PM, that should get it squared away.

    Thanks again (they should have redundancies, so this doesn't happen ... yeah right, only in my imagination).

    Good trading,

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