DTN IQFeed vs Nanex NxCore for CME data

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  1. I want to pull live CME data into my own Java application running on a remote Linux server. Aside from cost, is there any reason to choose IQFeed over NxCore (or vice versa)?

    I read an old thread here from 2018 that NxCore had become unusable but I haven't heard much recent feedback about them.

    The benefit of NxCore is that I can pull it directly through an API but for IQFeed I need to run their desktop client in parallel to my application, and pull the data through TCP.
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    Nanex is generally better if you need more than 500 symbols at a time. But I’m having problems with it recently, as I’m getting up to 2 hour delays in what’s supposed to be real-time data towards end of the day, sometimes in the morning. It’s unacceptable.
    I’m using IQFeed as backup for certain symbols but may start using it more now, along with Polygon for stocks/equities.
  3. 1) Do you see unacceptable delays with IQFeed or the latency is good?

    2) Are you collecting the data directly over API into proprietary software like me, or using some kind of third party or desktop software?
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    1. IQFeed performance is good. I don’t measure latency but it’s in milliseconds.
    2. I collect data via APIs and store it in local database. Also able to get past/historical data. Not using 3rd party software.

    BTW, both IQFeed and Nanex/NXCore require using their desktop clients with the API. I believe this is (or was) required by exchanges to assure that only the single designated user accesses the data on their desktop. Though Nanex client is smarter and creates a compressed data file on the desktop so that later you can access the previously accessed data without connecting to their servers, also via the same API. Actually that’s the only way to get historical data with Nanex - as previously downloaded/saved real-time data. While with IQFeed you can retrieve historical data from their servers.
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  5. 1. What programming language and OS do you use? I'm using Java+Linux
    2. Aside from NxCore, IQFeed and polygon, do you have another suggestion I should look into for low-latency internet streaming of CME (or equities) data?
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    Does iq feed provide good

    level 2 data
    time and sales

    for equities and futures?
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    1. I’m using C# on Windows.

    2. May want to search the forums here on ET. I’ve seen people using CQG, Bookmap, etc.
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    Oh, and Rithmic - I think they’re a sponsor here and from what I seen more reliable than CQG.
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    Yes, I believe so, but check their website.
    I only get equities and index data from them.
  10. I know Rithmic/CQG and Bookmap usually feed into desktop clients and aren't well known for API usage, which is why I didn't mention them in my OP.

    Can I also access them over API without using any client? (Especially on a Linux OS using Java)?
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