DTN/IQFeed Problems

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mtwokay, Jul 25, 2007.

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    IQFeed was updating some of their servers this morning, yes during market hours, and my ER2 feed was running 4min behind IB.

    If you're having problems, contact DTN tech support for a working server ip address.
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    The worst part of this is there is absolutely no indication that the problem existed. If you had a position open and were watching the chart, everything looked great. Then when it looked like it was time to close the position, you saw up-to-date data and HOLY SH*T! According to somebody I talked to at DTN, this problem will be fixed this weekend as they add more servers. We'll see. I dropped eSignal because of this kind of crap and was extremely happy with DTN until this week. I can't afford to lose money because of bad/slow data. As limited as IB's datafeed is, at least it matches the quotes, plus it's free. I hope IQFeed gets better because I'd like to stick with them.

    How has eSignal been this past week?
  3. I changed over to eSignal after 3 hours of support without getting any help. I've been with them only during Friday and today so I don't know how the rest has been. But Friday and today worked the way it should, just fine!

    Is that true that you have had the same problem with eSignal?

    How is IQfeed now by the way?

    Thank You!
  4. With Esignal after the price increase, and once you add in the extra fees for futures, you might as well go with CQG.

    If you not confident in you data feed, this will cause you to hesitate, and will cost you in the long run.

    CQG data feed is the fastest, it's data is flawless, I never get corrupt data, bad ticks, data spikes, data lags.
  5. How much is the CQG per month, year for Equities and Eminis? Can you customize your own Indicators?
  6. I had a similar problem with DTN as well - if you get put onto their 'upgraded' servers, your whole damn data feed can just go down w/o notice. It was a joke. I called and finally got them to show me how to force me onto the servers that actually work.

    Anyways, I am done with DTN. The whole experience has been terrible and if I am paying you for data and data only, provide that every day, all day. That's their only job - provide data - and apparently that was asking too much.
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    Much better today <knock wood>. The quotes from IQFeed were tracking with IB quotes, sometimes a one second delay, more or less, which is acceptable to me. Right now I'm a happy camper.

    Yes, I had the same kind of problems with eSignal and it went on for WEEKS, which is why I switched to DTN.
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    This is DTN. What a joke.
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    This morning with DTN
  10. Yeah, and if you call them they say it is your software, etc. I see you use Sierra; I use Quotetracker and have been behind all day.
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