DTN IQFeed Data gibberish?

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  1. Is anyone else getting totally garbage data from DTN today? I got it all day on the singapore traded Nikkei, and now still getting it on Eurex SMI and Bund.

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  3. Thx JKD, I didn't know about that - pretty new customer. I've been trying to get through to their chat support which apparently is available from 7AM CST (35 mins ago) but it is OFFLINE. Lovely.
  4. was this resolved: i am thinking of going ProphetX instead of esignal premium and would like to know about the DTN service data etc...
  5. Yes they resolved the erroneous data problem early in the USA morning. Left for the entire asia session and first 1/2 of europe session totally untradable. Their communication with the customer base was excellent once they got to work on monday morning.

    They are unable to fix all the volume data during their cockup so over the problem time there is in excesss of 5 times the normal volume signatures. They also seem unable to correct all of the price data in the backfill over the problem time.

    In the 6 months of being a customer with them, this is the first serious issue I have had with them. But, the problem will last for many months down the road for me because I rely quite heavily on tick based volume data. That is my main reason for using a "true tick" feed.

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  6. Just an update on this issue and their customer service.

    Several times DTN reps said they would have the intra day price and volume data repaired at a tick level. Each time they said it will be ready 'next day'. When next day came around the data was never repaired and was exactly the same as it was the day before.

    They where basically just saying something to keep me quiet as clearly no real effort was done to fix the data. I posted a follow up question on their forum and they stopped responding.

    It is clear that they do NOT have methods for correcting bad data at a tick level when these problems occur. I don't suspect it is from lack of will, just lack of tools. For some reason it doesn't seem to be part of the companies risk management plan.

    Pretty poor form IMO. Customers rely on the data which they claim is reliable but it is not. The outage was one thing that annoyed me as I wasn't able to trade all day. But their inability to provide RELIABLE backfill has crippled me for possibly months down the road if we trade back within the data anomaly days range.

    If reliable backfill is important to you. This is one of the problems you might encounter with them as your data provider.

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    What software produced the chart in the first post?
  8. Why does it matter? just a 1 minute chart. It is irrelevant to the DTN problem which is what this thread is about.

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    I am looking for software that works with iqfeed.
  10. And since they only have 8 days of tick history available for download the problem will "disappear" sometime this week.
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