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  1. Once again today the CME products via Dtn.iq are down...cbot is fine. Two days in a row. Time to look for a new data feed. Since my j-trader is in synch with squawke, I can safely assume it is NOT the CME's fault as dtn.iq would have me believe.
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    according to los.net, yesterday and today problems at CME
    up now
  3. If the probs were at the CME, why would my j-trader be in synch with the market? The problem definately resides with dtn.iq severs or pipe to the CME...a lack of redundancy would not be a fault of the CME.
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    I don't use DTN.IQ, and I am down. I was told it was the data feed from CME. I talked to someone on another platform with the same problem, so I tend to believe it is the CME.
  5. Due to technical issues at the exchange, the CME has been unable to transmit market data for any of its pit markets. This issue started at about 10:06 AM ET, and is a global problem affecting all data vendors. The CME electronic markets, such as the e-mini S&P 500, are unaffected by this outage. The CME is working on a resolution to this issue now. We will provide more information once it becomes available.

    If this is true, why was my dtn.iq feed down?
  6. Good question, I talked to IQ service rep and asked her the same thing, she did not have an answer.
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  8. Those that went down are using a cme feed and not globex feed would be my guess. If it affected ALL data vendors, but the electronic markets were unaffected, as per the CME, then my feed SHOULD have been stable as my IB and j-trader feeds were. That is ok...i don't mind swithcing setups....data vendors annd charting packages are commodities these days.
  9. Why would you assume that??

    The CME transmits quotes via multiple facilities. Therefore, the CME can have a disruption in one or more of those transmission paths (or even a part of their market data network) but not all.

    Hence, those data consumers attached to the disrupted path receive no data. If the problem occurs at the CME end for one or more of those transmission facilities, a data consumer having redundant connections to that facility isn't going to make a difference. The issue of lack of redundancy in that case would be the CME's.