dtitrading.com (Busby)

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Yacob Hassan, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone have buy services or purchase their software from dtitrading.com?
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    I saw their Stockbox program in action a year or so ago when a friend bought it to try it for a month....ultimately he gave it up to learn his own method but he said it helped keep him honest on his entries and exits.

    In my case last Dec I was part of a joint special deal with DTI and TTM for a $40 webinar one Saturday - I found it quite useful and gave me a ton of great information on technical trading to read and learn from. IMHO $40 and 5 hours very well spent.

    But I've not taken any of their courses or such, sorry. That's about all I can say about 'em.
  3. I have tried the DTI service (kind of like chat room) on a trial. I found that their methodologies a bit confusing (at least to me). I opted not to continue. But that was a few years back. Maybe they had changed.

    I had attended some talks by Tom Busby. Again, I am not absorbing his materials. But maybe that's just me.