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    Has anyone have any comments on the following company?


    They have contacted me for some training and figure I would love to hear any comments on them. Pls either post of PM me with any and all details. Thanks to all that respond

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    I have taken DTI's course and have learned a tremendous amount. Initially, I signed up for their chat room and then this past March took the course. It is somewhat costly but I have made that money back several times over by simply trading 3-5 ES and YM contracts at a time. Their method can be a little confusing but their support is excellent. It has helped me in my stock trading as well. I have also found that their software is an excellent decision support tool for futures and stocks.
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    Well I signed up for there chat service. All I can say is that commissions ate up any profit that was made. I feel the way they traded the dow made me believe I couldn't make any money. I stopped trading with them after 2 weeks. I felt like there fills weren't real time and saw them post on there website different results then were acually made or lost in the chat room. Left a sour taste in my mouth. Glad you had success though. GL in the future
  4. they are a joke , a real joke. waste of money dont do it!
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    From the site:
    "Bought 3 Eminis @ 1522.25, Sold 2 @ 1522.50, Sold 1 @ 1520.75. Bought 3 Eminis @ 1522.75, Sold 2 @ 1523.00, Sold 1 @ 1525.50."

    LOL. In other words "I found a nickel on the street, and then a penny." Today I am solidly in the green!
  7. Some of the green dots are humorous. I was in their chat room awhile back and remember them taking YM trades with 40+ pt stops and going for a couple ticks. It obviously is profitable until one of those guys stops out...
  8. the stats kept on the site are a complete joke. if someone has such great excperiance with trading they should post actuall equaity curve with R/R ratio ROI etc.... oh and actually include commisions cost which are crazy when u scrape the 3 BS T's which tom busby will teach you for 6500 bucks. If he is so good at trading why is he running a university???? those who can do and those who can't teach.

    If you are paying for lessons make sure the following 3 things happen

    A. have the teacher show you proof statments
    B 100% 30 days money back gurentee
    C understand what system/method they are teaching you to makre sure that is what u want to learn.

    DTI is a joke IMO a complete rip off!