DTG, CY, or Broad Street in terms of Training and Leverage

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by nmanjee, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. nmanjee


    Has anyone had good experience with the training programs at any of these three firms? I want to pick two out of the three firms, am having a tough time.

    How about leverage?
  2. mark2mark


    called cy, they dont offer training. decent leverage, they use laser though so you better know that platform before joining imo
  3. bigpapi


    Broad Street has good training imo, and they offer free mentoring once you open an account with them (theyll answer your q's and go over your trades at the end of the day if you choose), but you can have Buffet himself mentor you and you can still suck at trading so it all depends on you and how receptive you are, Broad Street has a free intro class that you can check out before you buy their 600 dollar classes, however, Broad Street has some of the highest commissions in the prop business so good luck!!! I left them because of this.
  4. I have traded through CY Group - very good leverage, service (that's Very important), and I like the Laser platform - no big deal to learn if you really want to. Platform is very fast and versatile once you get the hang of it - full of hot keys to make things Easier.

    No training that I know of at CY Group, but call and ask 'Chuck' about that.

    I don't bother using the charting that comes with Laser, instead Tradestation OR ESignal.

    I don;t know anything about those other 2 groups.

    If it's training you're after try Affinity Trading Group on East Coast, have heard quite good things. They have a scalping group training with live sessions.

    I had training/experience already, so wasn't really in the market to pay for learning, but if you can find someone good who is willing to teach you/oversee your trading then go for it. I am a great believer that experience is the best teacher, there's no lesson like losing money, I guess that's how most people learn!

    good luck, let us know how you get on, and what you find interesting.