DtDs/B&H - 3 months - $992,000

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wallace, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. intraday trading/scalping isn't suitable for everyone
    DaytoDays/BuyandHold trading may be the profitable alternative

    minis/lots traded doubled at the beginning of the new week
    average weekly range of the EURUSD is 100+ pips
    start 1.3400 - end 1.4900 = 1500 pips
    Standard Error Channel tool
  2. why not change the initial capital to 400$ instead of 100$? you could change the title of the thread to ''DtDs/B&H - 3 months - $3,968,000 thats MUCH more impressive.
  3. silvermotion — I didn't want to promote greed ???

    the 'initial capital' is actually margin, a variable amount determined by the broker and/or
    trader that can vary between $25 and $400 to day/overnight trade a $10,000 mini lot of
    eurusd; account margin can be as low as $200 or could be $2K or $20K depending on
    the trader
    there appears imo to be an over-emphasis on intraday trading/scalping facing the new
    trader, I wanted to point out that trading can be very profitable, perhaps more profitable
    and I believe, more easily obtained trading DD/BH rather than trying to scalp 5 pips