DTB: Difference between DJ Stoxx 600 and DJ Euro Stoxx

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optionpro007, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Could anybody tell me the difference? IB Futures DTB lists them separately.

    Thanks !
  2. the dj stoxx includes also the uk.
  3. Thanks Bit.

    Do you have any experience trading these futures on DTB? If so, do you know which of the two types is the one to trade ?
  4. sorry, never touched 'em. i only know the ftse and not much.
  5. Xenia


  6. Thnks Xenia.

    I was asking more like which of these two contracts do people trade...


    DJ EURO STOXX® Sector Index Futures Product ID DJ EURO STOXX® Sector Underlying
    Automobiles & Parts Futures FESA Automobiles & Parts Index

    DJ STOXX® 600 Sector Index Futures Product ID DJ STOXX® 600 Sector Underlying
    Automobiles & Parts Futures FSTA Automobiles & Parts Index

    guess I'll find out tomorrow..

  7. i didnt notice u mentioned the stoxx 600 and i was referrin' to the dj stoxx 50 as the one that include uk blue chips issues so i have to guess that the 600 includes uk small caps auto-sectors while the euro 600 just covers europe.
  8. You didn's miss it Bit. =) I noticed I had not included the number the first time I posted the thread.

    Cheers !
  9. syrre


    Most of the 600 contracts are very thin compared to the FESX.
    I cant see why anyone would want to trade them unless on heavy medication slowing you down, you maybe find it exiting? :D

    Go for the FESX, contract name is now FXU06 or FXZ06 if you want - I do not know the IB names tho (pretty sure they have some stupid codes) :confused:

    Heres an old fact sheet I found for you
  10. Thanks Syrre.

    I had figured volume on these contracts would be negligible. Was trying to figure which of the two was better..=)
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