*DT USA Toronto chapter meeting June 16*

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    Date: Saturday, June 16th
    Speaker: Scott McVicker
    Location: Toronto
    Price: Members $10; Non-Members: $20
    Details: http://www.worldwidetraders.com/chcncn.html
    Reserve Seat: http://www.worldwidetraders.com/rsvp.html

    Presentation Discussion: Traders often find themselves letting winningtrades turn into losing trades. Many times this is a discipline issue, but more often it relates to a lack of effective order routing. Your primary objective, once you make a decision to enter or or exit, is to route your order at the best price with a high likelihood of getting filled! Many traders over complicate the level II screen and order routing options by trying to memorize the components of Level II/order routing options. Keep
    it Simple! Learn how to properly use Level II information together with time & sales prints as your "play by play" announcer telling you who is buying and who is selling and how to best route your order to get filled NOW! Join Scott McVicker, visiting us from Rochester, NY is former VP of
    Education and Head Instructor of MarketWise Stock Trading School in Denver, for this entertaining presentation on proper Level II interpretation and order execution. (www.MarketWise.com was created by David Nassar, author of the popular book, "How to Get Started in Electonic

    "Scott's January presentation of this topic was rated as one of the best offered in Orange County within the past 12 months. He is a master trader as well as an excellent speaker"

    If you have any question feel free to email me at: