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    Anybody have any information on these folks. $7 sounds good, but am wondering about other aspects phone, etc.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  2. I didn't like their software! It looked very slow. I would rather pay a little higher rate for JTrader. You will probably save in the long run!
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    Thanks trader777
  4. Bad broker!!!
    Bad platform!
    They work with Farr Financial and PMB (now bought by Refco)the worst brokers...
    You can send more contracts you really can and the system accepts them. And you don't recognize it soon!!!
    So, if you can trade only 5 contract and send 2 orders : 5 and again 5 because seems that the first does'nt filled , the system stops to work but has accepted 10 contracts ! You see it after minutes and you have to call DT to cancel or close .
  5. They ( www.dtfutures.com ) have two platforms, one of them looks like Refco-e ( browserbased, see www.pmbinc.com ).

    The other one is a nice looking Java applet ("FAST order entry"). Do you mean the FAST one is slow too ?

  6. Platform displayed is new,
    they gave :
    1. PMB platform (fast but one day yes and one day not ->down
    2.Farr Financial platform: old type of platform

    worst in the above platform was that you dont recognize if were down! or if your order was filled or not....
    So I send 2 same orders and I was out of margins -> locked
    Then I had to call them to close positions!
    Result:500$ lost........

    It's enought???
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    I think these are the same guys that ran Farr Financial as mentioned in Matrix's comment. I used to have an account with Farr Financial and closed it due to poor customer service. At the time I had my account with them, they cleared through PMB and were using the PMBe platform. I like the J-trader platform much better than the PMBe platform FWIW.
  8. Direct trade brokers are good for showing just how crappy an online trading platform can be. The result of using them was to convince me not to believe ONE word whatsover on a brokers website.