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  1. I have bellsouthdsl and the upload speed is 323kbs . Why when i ftp or use sendspace or other large file transfers the max upload speed i get is 40kbs. I called bellsouth and they recommend i delete files from m y computer or make sure there isnt a microwave beside my computer. Where do they get these tech guys from ? What the real reason for this?
  2. empee


    because kb (kilobit) is different than KB (kilobyte).

    You should have 256 or 384k up, They dont sell 323k.

    But suppose you do. 323 /8 = 40Kb upload max. (8 bits in a byte).

    You probably have 384k up, with overhead effectively 323kb -> about 40Kb.

    Its working correctly.
  3. GaryN


    Well I just learned something. I thought upload and download speeds on dsl were approximately the same but I just did a test here:http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest?flash=1

    and my download speed is 1514kbs and upload speed was 254kbs. Quite a difference.
  4. GTS


    Most residential DSL (or cable or fiber broadband) offerings give you much more download speed then upload. They charge a premium for symmetric speeds because business users typically want those type of connections so its an easy way to differentiate the two types of customers.

    Empee essentially is correct although he messed up his big and little 'B''s mid-stream; capitalizing his K's instead. Big B = Bytes, Little b = Bits.

    So 320Kbps = 40KBps
  5. I always thought using a ftp would be alot faster but it makes no difference . There must be some technology to send large files quickly over the net . I am transfering 1.6gb and it looks like it will take over 24hrs . WOW
  6. GTS


    The only way to transfer large files quickly is to

    (1) make them smaller (compress them before sending)
    (2) get a fatter pipe

    No transfer protocol in the world is going to make up for a slow connection.

    If you are going to be transferring a single big file make sure that your ftp setup supports a "resume" feature otherwise you could find that you get 90% done, glitch, and then have to start over.
  7. What about making it a ZIP file?