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  1. So I finally upgraded my lame lighter DSL plan which pumps out download speeds of 700ish kbps max to a 10 mbps plan.

    However when I run a speed test on several different websites, it gets up to like 1 mbps and chokes/stops. I also notice no difference really in watching videos, etc. meaning they have the same delay download time and buffering.

    I am running a newer Cisco router, however I pulled a laptop out and ran it straight to the DSL modem and got same results. Is there something else or obvious I am missing here that I can troubleshoot on my end myself?
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    I was never able to get the speeds they sold me, and if I call they say it must be a problem on my end.:(
  3. DSL is mileage sensitive. One weird anomaly I have seen one of relatives bought a preconfiged computer with all the bloatware installed and only was getting 1 mg down a reformat got them to their advertised speed of 20mg down.

    You can try using speedtest.net tools and config for PPOE, DSL, but probably won't make too much difference.

    You can also try a new modem, but once you leave your ISP's network you are at the mercy of the backbone they connect to, it could have blocks too and you can't do much with that.

    Trial and error.
  4. Same thing with me. They were saying its my router. That I should hook up directly to the modem, yeah right. But I get the same blazing 1000ish kbps directly connected. I am short by about only 9000 kbps.
  5. Good point. I bet I am not on a direct plain to the central office. So would say that coax/cable medium/service is superior?
  6. There are so many variables. Comcast in Denver is great. I live in newer development and they just did a major network upgrade. You can check dslreports.com and ask what ppl think of your cable provider. Heck if you can get fiber to home go that way.
  7. After trying a couple of DSL repair or optimization utilities and if that doesn't fix it, you might try doing a fresh install of your OS and drivers on your backup hard drive. Then try your DSL speed. If it's still slow, at least you'll know the problem is not sofware on your present drive slowing things.
  8. Thanks I was kind of flirting with that. I should have mentioned this but I am actually running 4 different machines all hardline (no wireless) through this modem/router connection. And all have the same connectivity results. Two are macs and two are PC's. And the MAC that I tested directly bypassing the router to the modem was just wiped clean a few weeks ago because I upgraded the OS & RAM on it.
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    Try reloading the drivers to your network card. I had this problem once with cable modem service when I upgraded and doing the above resolved it.
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