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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Glutton, Sep 25, 2002.

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    Problem: I think I MAY need to upgrade my computer (chip speed/RAM) but before I do, I want to verify that it is not my internet connection.

    I have only had "dial up" and DSL up to this point and this is the fastest DSL connection I have had to date. I am now living in a different area than my previous two DSL service providers.

    The reason I'm confused is that when I browse the WEB/download etc. at home, it feels like it is MUCH faster than my company's T-1 connection at work.

    When I tested my connection at home with a particular firm, the quotes lag in the AM. I know that this is common, but I want this to be "uncommon".

    I have a DELL PII 333 with 320 RAM, ONE monitor. I probably do need to upgrade but I want to check the obvious first.

    Is there a way to test my DSL connection "speed" at home via software or a "test" web site.

    What SHOULD my download speed be...for a good connection?

    Thanks for any input.
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    Thanks TA.

    Pretty neat site. My T-1 at work is averaging around 200k.

    Less than DSL?

  3. It depends. Some DSL systems max out at 256, some as high as 768.
  4. Here is another site for testing connection speed.


    With ADSL you will have a capped upload speed, usually in the 128-256 range and downloads can get up to 1.2M. Mine was in the 1.1 range, but I had stability issues so it got filtered to ~800k


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  7. ... www.pcpitstop.com

    From there, you can test your Internet connection and perform a heap of other tests. It's a rockin' site!
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    You don't NEED to "go all out" for the hottest new computer. Your "path to execution of the trade" is vastly more important than the speed of your PC.
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    Thanks for all the web sites. As I suspected, my connection at home IS much faster than the one at work. I think it is my processor.


    Thanks for the input. My concern is that, for most of the AM, my level II, "watch list", indices, etc. were all lagging by about 45 seconds. I had to trade based off the island site snd CNBC. From what I've read here on ET, I can't believe that it is the broker's side. I'm upgrading anyway to a DELL P4 2G. It's about time.

    It's funny because when I bought the PII 333 in '97 I truly meant it when I said..."This should be the LAST one. I'm all set!" :p

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