dsl speed needed.

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  1. I run esignal with about 9 charts ( 3 monitors) , a trading platform and regular use of internet . I presently have a regular package at 1.5mbs/256 and wanted to go to less expensive one at 768Kbps/128Kbps . Would this be good enough for me ? i dont do any downloaded or graphic games . Is 768Kbps down load good enough or is that pushing it if there is alot of activity on the charts ?
  2. Depends a lot on what stocks/futures you are watching and how active they are. Only way to know for sure is to monitor your bandwidth. Do a google search on "bandwidth monitor" and there are a bunch of free ones.

    Then watch it during the busiest times of the day and see if you are anywhere close to you limit.
  3. It depends on if you have Level 2 data to your DOM's. How many DOM's you have. If you are sharing the connection with anyone.

    I would say that on most days, you will be fine. However, if there is a strong move or sudden release that causes a lot of ticks to come through, then you will find a very strong lag.

    If you trade Eurex on the fast price feed, then anything less than 3 mbps is going to cause problems. So it is all conditional.

    I would say, you need to just get the slower speed and see what happens. If you are happy, then stay with it. If not, then get the higher speed again.

  4. wucah


    No, not enough, Why are you going to a less expensive package? Are you that desperate to save 20 dollars? You should not be trading then.
  5. Actually $45 its a business line . Between my news feed , esignal , signal service i am running over $400 . Trying to trim some fat .