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  1. I am on a ADSL line in London, a total POS. Not a day goes by without an interruption , only last a few seconds but you never know when it's gonna happen. More recently I have had to reset the D-link wireless router to which my PC's are connected about 5 times a day, otherwise the connection does not come back up. Should I get another router? or should I just leave this city and the UK?
  2. I had a similar problem in the U.S. with a Linksys four port router.

    I contacted Linksys and flashed the firmware with the latest version. This cured my problem.

    Good Luck

    Have you bypassed the router to see if a single system will stay up?
  3. had same issue with a linksys 8 port with esignal. Linksys wanted me to change the MTU settings - tried that but still would get disconnects - flashed rom still no go. i eventually just took an old 300mhz celeron box and made into a linux firewall and used the 8 port as just a 10/100 switch. no connection issues since.
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    There are many reliable (and cheap) ISPs here.

    The one I use is

    Rock solid - never had downtime during market hours in over a year of using it. In fact it has only stopped 3 times as far as I know - for about 10 minutes each time at about 3am (yes, sleepless night!)

  5. If you are using another firewall like (Norton for example) there is a strong likelihood that that is the problem. I was having a lot of connection drops with a lynksys 4 port router and since i got rid of Norton my connection has not been dropped.
  6. You might want to go to the website of your Router manufacturer and see if they have a firmware upgrade that you can download, kind of like a microsoft update "patch".
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    Most likely you first need to check the manufacturers website for a firmware upgrade. Upgrade to the latest version for the product.

    If this does not improve the situation, check the configuration settings on your router and verify they meet the expectations of your service provider. In particular take a look at the required DHCP settings ( I will assume that you are using dynamic and not static addressing). On common problem is that either the service provider or your modem is releasing DHCP because the timeouts are set differently. Most likely that your router is holding on while your service provider wants to renew the IP.

    Also check and reduce the IP packet size on your PC and see if this makes a difference if the above steps do not help.

    - Greg