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  1. Anyone else experience this:

    I have Alltel DSL (btw-Alltel truly sux) and whenever I get an incoming telephone call on my regular phone (the first ring does it) my broadband hiccups.

    For example, if I'm running internet radio it'll knock that off. I think it's causing MSN messenger to disconnect also. Other minor things too.

    All three of my home networked computers are doing this. My wife's office just down the street has Alltel with a similar setup and doesn't experience this.

    Any ideas?
  2. i would make sure all line filters are connected. and if that doesn.t help then try isolating individual phones. if none of the above help then call alltel.
  3. Thanks Dodgers Fan,

    All the filters are in place. I have three phones in the house. I'll try disconnecting one at a time and see what happens.
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    Just came across this on local website - may be the solution for someone out there.

    Strange as it seems, but if you're having unusual bandwidth disruptions or outright connection failures -- and you're using a UPS battery backup with telephone line surge suppression/line-filtering, ...AND live in an area with a lot of lightning -- it could very well be due to damaged circuitry in the surge suppresor.

    I just got through resolving a gnarly problem with this (posted also in another thread here) and it might save you a lot of headaches and calls to tech support if you disconnect any surge suppressor/line-filtering in your setup FIRST and then retry the connection.
  5. Thanks mokwit,

    I definitely have a lot of lightening and wind problems around here and use a UPS, but I don't run the telephone line through any filter whatsoever, and I ran a clean, new telephone cable from the exterior box to my DSL modem when I moved in. Near as I can tell it's been doing it for months, I just couldn't believe it was happening, thought is was a coincidence all this time.
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    3 phones? Do you have the phones wired up so that if one is engaged it trips over to the next?. (I have seen this as a cheapo dealing room setup. What happens is there is a blackhole the incoming calls fall into if one of the phone jacks is pulled out fof the wall - just rings and rings at his end - maybe something vaguely similar is happening if you have 3 phones in series.)
  7. Not sure what you mean Mokwit,

    I just have all three phones tied in to the same line. They all ring simultaneously.

    THanks for helping.
  8. Make sure that you have plugged the DSL modem into the modem splitter port and not into the telephone filter port.

    Basically it sounds like you have either not used the splitter for the DSL modem or you have plugged the modem directly into the phone jack. With that setup your modem will lose sync. every time the phone rings. It will then take some time (maybe up to a minute) for the modem to resync. and start passing data again.

    Most DSL modem kits come with at least one combo splitter/filter and several other phone filters. Make sure you use the splitter for the modem.