DSL or Cable for fast Trading?

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  1. Hi,

    I currently have Adelphia cable and am paying around $60 per month. I am annoyed that the cable goes out at least once per month during trading hours and am considering switching to DSL.

    I hear cable is faster and am wondering if DSL is fast enough for trading (scalping)? Do any of you have any advice on which you prefer for trading - DSL or cable and if you like your DSL service, can you say which one you use?

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  2. Get both, problem solved, and get a UPS as well, could save some headaches.
  3. Cable for me was 10x faster than DSL......


    I will only use DSL from now on, as my cable went out 3-4x a week.

    Speed = cable..

    Reliablity =DSL

  4. My cable has gone down once in three years, and lightning fast. Comcast in Oregon.

  5. Do you use a dual router then? If so, can you recommend one?


  6. That's what I thought too. I was thinking about how to get both - DSL for a backup....
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    You should have backup systems for both internet and power, especially if you are trading out of your house. For internet connectivity I use both cable and DSL with a hotbrick dual wan router <url>http://www.hotbrick.com/produto.asp?tipo=2&codPro=22</url> for failover protection. It's good to have two different routes through different physical systems connecting you to the internet.

    For power backup my trading computer plus three monitors are on one UPS and my cable/dsl modems, dual wan router, and wireless router are on a separate UPS. About once a month while the market is active I'll cut power to all my equipment just to make sure that I can survive a power outage.
  8. cable over DSL any day if choosing between the two........i`m in the new york area & have Road Runner by time warner.....just about twice as fast as DSL that i was using in my store......`lightning quick .....on par with a T1 line.
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    Roadrunner here also, and each year for the past 4 I have had a streak of 5 months where it goes offline once a month, every each month, and they deny the problem at first then admit and finally fix it. Sometimes out for a day, others it's fixed anywhere from an hour to 4 hours. I have it all documented and when it happened this year I faxed it all to the local GM each time so they would quit denying it.
    AT&T is supposed to be coming out with 3-5 mbs soon here, although when soon is an unknown. When they do I will be switching to that for my main service and dropping cable down to a lower cost slower speed as backup. A friend who has dsl for 2 years has not had one problem. Also the speedier DSL so far is advertised at $27.99/month with 3 free months for sending a copy of my cable bill. Thats $11 cheaper per month than cable.
  10. i have bellsouth dsl and comcast cable at home and i trade 1/2 a day in an office i rent using a t-1. i started with dsl 6 years ago and loved it and have had cable modem 2 years.HANDS DOWN CABLE IS THE FASTEST I'VE EVER SEEN AND IT'S BEEN DOWN 1 TIME IN 2 YEARS. BUT I HAVE DSL FOR A BACK UP AND WIRELESS FOR MY HOUSE. THEY'RE ALL GOOD BUT CABLE AT 6 MEGS SEEMS THE FASTEST
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