DSL Distance to telcoe office question

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    I read where you need to be within 9/10s of a mile (.9) of your telcoe office in order to achieve the highest levels of DSL service. And that's not as the crow flies but as the line runs.

    Even in the small towns of 20,000 or so you can see those smaller phone hub buildings all around town. You know the ones about the size of a dining room at your home.

    My question is does being near one of these small unmanned offices qualify as getting better DSL speed is concerned?

  2. I cant speak of mileage, most Telcos measure the distance in CABLE FEET. Or how long the wire is.

    Anything below 5000 feet of run you can easily get 8.0mbps and higher down speeds.

    Above you start losing. at about 11K you can get a max speed of about 1.0mbps

    At 14K speed of 640kbs

    You can live one block from a CO and have 5000 feet of run, just because of how much wire they use to run from the CO to your junction box and to your house.

    I lived 4 blocks (1300 feet) from my CO and had 2 lines coming in. One line was 8000 feet and the other was 4350. of course I asked them to fire my DSL up on the shortest run.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Sorry I read to fast and missed your Question....

    Being near an unmanned office means nothing if it IS NOT a CO. CO's have all the network hardware, etc necessary to connect you to the net.

    an unmanned station can merely be a junction point and not a CO.
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    thanks friend you have been very helpful

    when i buy / rent an office i will know where to look
  5. I live about a block away from my station. I pay for 512 kps but consistently get over 1000.
  6. Personally I switched from DSL to cable. I pay for the 8.0 pkg but routinely get 19.0 down speeds.

    It's nice to see large files download at 1.9 MB/sec :)