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  1. Hi Folks,

    Just a question as to which dsl/cable provider anyone could recommend in Canada (Toronto area preferably) that is fairly stable and reliable.

    I have been having connectivity issues with my cable provider (Rogers) so I decided to order dsl from Sympatico.

    Now that I have just connected to Sympatico, I now cant connect to IB. IB is saying that it is a port connectivity issue with Sympatico.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    ps I use the connection to daytrade.
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    I use Rogers and it goes down twice a week on a good week. I used Sympatico and it was worse.

    Not really sure what to tell you. I learned that as soon as I stopped using Bitcomet during the day my connection improved and didnt drop off (read as much). I had Rogers tech come through and they spent over 2 hours redoing the line in my house. Still get net dropping off. I know other traders that constantly have net problems...continuously cycling in and out of messenger.

    Another idea is to order rogers and bell and have them run in parallel with a switch. If one drops the other will be running. The cost may be worth the money you can lose. Ive had many frantic calls to my broker. The other providers in Toronto seem to have worse service so these 2 monopoly powers are essentially the only choices. Hope that helps...er...
  3. Thanks for the info mcelitetrader.

    It seems that for now I have to continue with Rogers. You might say, the best of a bad bunch.

  4. Many DSL providers will be connecting you through Bell's line card anyway, so you may encounter these problems even if you switch DSL providers. I think it depends on where you are located.

    Do not, under any circumstances, subscribe to 3Web DSL or cable.
  5. Thanks for the info TraderNik.

    I suspected that some of the other players in the DSL market used Bell's cabling network, but wasnt sure if their servers were set on different settings which might eliminate the problem.

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