DSL, Cable modem or Satelite?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thunderbolt, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. Splat


    ISDN usually runs at 64K (at least here in the UK). It is like using
    a modem at full strength but much more reliable.. if you are
    used to anything faster then you wont like it ;-)
    You can get 128K ISDN which usually uses bonded channels
    meaning that it is basically over 2 telephone lines. Yes that
    means your phone bill is twice the usual for internet calls @128K.

    I had ISDN for 2 yrs and now I have DSL. I dont think I could put
    up with the slow speed .....
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  2. toad57


    If you do decide to go with satellite because that is your only option, then Starband is a possibility, but it is picky about what data feeds it works with.

    Check out http://www.starbandusers.com discussion forums (modest annual fee) and you should find entries on what works with Starband and what doesn't.

    Website for Starband itself: http://www.starband.com

    Mr. Toad (who used to use Starband and dumped it when DSL became available)
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  3. I had a cable hookup from @ Home for many years , It would drop the connection a lot , especially during the last 30 minutes of the trading day ( right when the kids got home from school) .
    @ Home could never figure it out .
    I got DSL connection as backup , never had any real problems with that except that the download speeds were a bit less.
    Now I have a fiber optic Cable connection that smokes everything out there, never a problem and the speed is double that of anything else out there.
    This Fiber optic connection is offered by Gemini Networks and is only available in a few areas.
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  4. cartm


    how much for the fiber optic cable, just did another test now at 128 dl peak off peak same up stays around 84k. i guess im looking for 512 dl. up doesnt matter. need uptime more reliable than cable, do any forms of dsl or sdsl or adsl fit into these categories, i am getting a lot of different opinions on this, some say dsl is shared, others say certain types of dsl is not shared, i dont think i can do 1100 a month for a t1 plus the standard csco router, plus installation. comments surely appreciated thanks
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  5. $ 35 a month .
    It is not available in many areas yet.
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  6. Splat - ISDN tariffing is different in the US (at least in the Chicago area). I've got an ISDN line connected to a router that supports dual channel connections (128K). Since the point of presence that I connect to is less than 8 miles away, the cost of establishing the link is 8 cents and there are no per minute charges.

    I have the router configured to keep the link nailed up, so it's basically an always on 128K connection like DSL. Will probably switch to DSL when they finally make 384K or 768K DSL available by me.
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  7. nitro



    You are in the Chicago area and your area does not have access to DSL? What area is that?

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  8. pellaz


    I dug around a little, and Gemini is privately held and would appear to be in early stages. The website (www.gemnets.com) is sparse, but lists 3 ISP's that through which there is some availability, it would appear only in some areas of CT.

    Does anybody know more about this technology base?
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  9. I am one of those lucky ones who has this service. I have a DSL backup and had @ home . Gemini blows everything out there away. Now who knows what will happen if thier network were to get saturated like @ home did.
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