DSL, Cable modem or Satelite?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thunderbolt, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. brich


    Hi folks,

    I have problem: why does mycable always have more packet loss compared to dial-up. I did ping to IB gateway(gw1.ibllc.com) and Qcharts server(sterling-r02.quote.com) during heavy load traffic at 9:30 to 10:30 am.

    Anyone can give explanation ? I will appreciate it.

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  2. Some years ago had satelite, which wasn't very reliable, weather and positioning problems, however it may be better now but I wouldn't use it again.

    Have had cable for 3 or 4 years from Comcast / excite@home and it was fast and dependable until excite went out of business. Now Comcast is switching everyone to their own system and here in the northeast it is a nightmare. Computer hasn't functioned right since downloading the new system and speeds vary wildly. Tech support gave me the wrong info after hours on hold when I did finally get them to answer. If you are considering Comcast as your cable provider I would wait until they get it right, if ever. They are changing 1 area at a time and this may go on for quite awhile. I see myself going to DSL soon.......Pat
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  3. After further consultation, I'm going to try cable. One more question: Are there different types of cable modems that vary in performance? I heard that a commercial cable modem is on the market, but I'm not exactly sure how performance would be enhanced with a better modem.

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  4. Eldredge



    I'm in Eagle, nice to know there is at least one other trader in the area:) I did have cable with @home, and it was much better. My DSL is with Qwest/MSN. They really messed up the initial hook-up, and it took a lot longer than they said. Once I finally got it running I was pleased though. One bad thing though, I get TONS of spam on that account some - of it is for porno which really irritates me. I would like to know how to stop the spam.
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    Unfortunately there is not much you can do. You can be sure
    that some *ss (*=a) somewhere has sold your email address
    on! I have been getting spam on my email address. It used to
    be the case that porn spammers used to use some hotmail or
    yahoo etc address. Now they have become very bold and actually
    started mass spamming using their own registered domains.

    Anyway what I have started doing is that I do a lookup
    at the domain registrar, find the administrator and register
    his email address on a few other different porno sites. That
    will teach 'em a lesson :D


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    i am in the northeast, using a cable modem, dl is around 240 up 128, at peak, offpeak, i get 1mb dl, 84k up, speed is fine, but my cable provider keeps going, 3 or 4 times a month sometimes for days at a time. cant have that. looking to get adsl or t1. got a quote from a t1 provider for 1100 a month, thats with 24/7 support, and they say t1 has 99.9% uptime. i need 99.9% uptime. is the 1100 quote a good one, i am still looking, and would you guys recommend a higher dsl at 764, but with dsl u have to share don't you? anyone here use t1 would you recommend it, or adsl, and what do you think of the quote, that doesn't include the router. basically, im looking for 764/up/dl and 99.9% uptime do any forms of dsl provide this. would like to get a quote in the 600 - 700 range. cable is great for home use, but not business, especially trading imo. thanks
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  7. If DSL isn't available you might try asking your local phone company about ISDN. I know it is the "old" technology but you probably will find it more reliable than cable (can keep the cablemodem as well as it will be faster) and you can probably come up with a deal that will save you a lot of money over a T1. This assumes that speed ISN'T your primary desire. If it is, ISDN would be a BIG step back for you speed wise from T1. It is also possible that having a dedicated trading connection on ISDN, and a separate cablemodem connection (at faster speed) is a combination that might work for you. I'm not really an ISDN expert, just passing an idea along.
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  8. cartm


    thanks, i am not familiar with isdn, i will look into it. its hard for me to believe that others are not having the same problem with cables reliability, i can see a few min or hours, but it goes for a day or two they say dns problems at their server farms
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    I'm usually not lucky in life, but (knock on wood) in 4 years my cable has been down perhaps a composite 24 hours.
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  10. Cable...then DSL...finally satellite.
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