DSCC chair hits Koch brothers up for donation

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  1. Desperation is setting in.

    DSCC chair hits Koch brothers up for donation

    Chutzpah, cluelessness, or a combination of both? Democrats have spent all year demonizing the Koch brothers, industrialists who support pro-growth conservative policies and donate to like-minded organizations. The national party practically accused Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker of having a hotline installed from Koch Central to his office, and Democrats and unions both howled with outrage after Walker took a prank call supposedly from David Koch during the PEU-reform crisis this winter.

    Perhaps all is forgiven … now that Democrats need some cash. As chair of the DSCC, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) gave the Kochs a call inviting them to their soiree this summer. If it’s hard to imagine a less enticing invitation than a chance to spend hot, sweltering days with people who routinely paint you as the devil, Koch Industries found it impossible. Here’s the audio:

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    And … here’s the response, emphases mine:
    So the lack of an RSVP on the letter to their personification of political evil failed to generate the obvious conclusion in Murray’s mind, so much so that she decided to make a personal call to the bêtes noirs of the DSCC to dangle an access-for-cash deal. Maybe it’s both cluelessness and chutzpah, but I’m betting heavily on the former.
  2. =================
    Very interesting read, on Senator Reid, Murrays mind...;
    probably no relation to me,he. he:D

    And not that all Dems are partisan;
    so many for them voted for President Ronald ''tax cutter''Reagan, even the mainstream media named them ''Reagan democrats''

  3. JamesL


    from the vmail"

    "you've been a past supporter of ours thru your PAC"...

    The Koch Brothers were one-time DSCC supporters? Sounds like a blanket voicemail blast by the DSCC not realizing who the number belonged to.

    Someone is going to get alot of mileage out of this.
  4. Ricter


    If it's legit, the dems are allowed to play the "Bachmann" card.
  5. jem


    our system of bribing politicians is so screwed... it must be stopped.
    politicians should not be able to accept bribes just because it goes into their campaigns.

    if the kochs or china or wall street payed enough they could get obama care repealed by dems
    and then re passed by republicans.
  6. as678


    So true. We have separation of church and state. We should make a new amendment for separation of state and corporation.
  7. Ricter


    Whoa, deja vu.

    We need philosopher kings.

    ROTFLMFAO, at the futility of trying to get that.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    I agree, we need to eliminate reciprocating relationships in politics. One idea i had was this. If a person/business in any way benefits monetarily from a new government policy, they should lose the ability to vote/donate.

    So if someones business was just granted a new subsidy, that business should be banned from giving money for a long period of time.... (10 years or something like that.) The business may be able to donate the first time, but under this guideline, there would be no reason for a politician to give the person something in return, as a "pay back" because if they did, the business wouldnt be able to donate to him again.

    Also if you happen to be on a government union, and a politician gives raises to the whole union, all of those people should lose their right to vote/donate for a period of 10 years. Same principle here, the union could help the politician get elected, but if he pays them back he loses their vote, so there would be no reason to pay a union back, just to bring in votes.

    This would apply to people on welfare/foodstamps also.

    Until we eliminate reciprocating relationships the system is always going to be screwed, politicians will just continue to use the treasury to buy their votes....republicans will continue to cater to big business, and dems will continue to cater to people living off the government tit if something doesnt change.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    This was a sweet response, though i would have been alot more candid, and probably dropped a lot more F bombs..... I cant believe that the dems were brazen enough to ask the koch brothers for money, when they have spent the last 3 years demonising them.