DSC hose job

Discussion in 'Options' started by mskl, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. mskl


    Check out the DSC options - and today's contract adjustment. It appears that someone with an automated program doesn't know about the adjustment. LOL

    Someone will wake up with one heck of a surprise come Monday morning.........
  2. Anyone who's automatically trading options that have ATM bid/ask spreads of 1.20/3.20 deserve to have their money distributed to the people.
  3. mskl


    It appears the party is over. Expensive Lunch for a "so called expert."

    waiting for the next victim..........

  4. I would bet the trades will be busted..
  5. mskl


    If the market makers are on the losing side - then yes - probably. But not very likely if non market makers attempt to bust. It is my guess that the market makers are actually on the winning side (as the dopes were trading against their numbers) thus I'm betting they won't be busted. Also, these trades started around 11:30 - well past any time threshold.

    But we will see. (stranger things have happened)

    BTW, one more sucker came to play for a few contracts...
  6. mskl


    No busts - later I went over to EMM and did the same thing(another adjustment) - the guy on the other side started to liquidate (LOL) at the end of the day at another decent loss.

    Most of those who read this post probably didn't think much of it - but you could have made size (no risk).

    A good lesson for those who think "complete" automation is the way to go.

    thanks for the dough......