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    whats going on . Is this a buy opp
  2. I think stocktrad3r recommended it so everyone sold
  3. will keep going higher

    perfect buying opportunity on the dip
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    think its down with the price of oil moving lower
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    :D :D

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    for those that don't understand BDI ....

    these companies let their ships' charter rates float in the spot market as opposed to those that have fixed rate charters. when the BDI is down, the floaters sink (sorry, lame)

    for those interested in learning more, check out www.valueforum.com .... they have daily discussions of dry bulkers as it seems to be the hot industry
  8. No news or anythign to trigger selloff. Fundamentals of business rock solid.
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    7:41AM DryShips: Jon Najarian highlights DRYS options trading, says probably not takeover related activity but more of a continuation of positive notes they've been putting out every qtr (DRYS) 130.97 :
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    under 110
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