DRYS lowers guidence-halts dividend

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by trader2000, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. DRYS just significantly lowered guidence and suspended their dividend. some of these shippers are up substantially from lows. look for sympathy plays; EXM,DSX, GNK(to an extent).GNK is a bit different and better positionmed in other markets but nevertheless,its still a shipper.
  2. they don't call it dry shits for nothing
  3. Why did anyone pay so much for this stock. Now they have to sell ships to pay the payroll.

    I see them at 0.01
  4. ha ha this has and AA are the worst stocks ever
  5. Illum


    Barrons is a bigger fade opportunity than Cramer

    To me this remains dangerous as a short. It is very crowded, and if a fund needs cash, great profits to take here, squeezing it up. Not a very liquid stock.

    But without a doubt, Barrons writers are without a clue.
  6. BlackTuna


    It looks like they were inflated for no reason and are crashing down. The whole industry is in trouble.. I would stay away.

  7. azzzy


    The industry may be in trouble but DRYS closed almost $2 higher than opening. I was thinking about buying it in the morning but read too much about how it's collapsing due to reality checks and passed. Now I regret it somewhat. Although Monday it may gap down a few dollars so I'm not too upset.
  8. Illum


    Barrons now saying buy XOM

    I will short the pop midday and hold for a week or two. Seriously this is too easy. I was going to short anyway, I became concerned at several talking heads on tv starting to talk up a short. This fixes that. I will get a nice price.