Dry Up The Supply of These Weapons

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    I only have one word for Dianne after hearing old clips of her bragging about owning a gun when she felt threatened.

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    I read in the local newspapers she is after thumbhole gun stocks;
    thumbs down t on that law.Not likely to pass at all.Not a prediction simply probabilities:cool:
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    Good thing about this issue is it's waking up a lot of people. Going to be a very interesting election in 2014.
  4. A lot of gun owners thought that after the US Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd amendment was an individual right, that these gun bans would be a thing of the past. The recent actions of the democrats has shocked and surprised them and they are starting to wake up. Politicians are coming on TV and saying how they support the 2nd amendment, but still want to ban guns that they do not like.

    I remember that before the 1994 "Assault Weapons" ban I was able to buy semi-auto rifles and not be charged an arm and a leg. Now they are almost impossible to get without paying insane prices and everything including large capacity magazines are on back order. This was the first clue that the public was not backing this ban in the way that the politicians believed.

    A few democrats are realizing that they could pay a significant price in 2014 if they were able to get a ban passed and the public support is not as strong as they were led to believe.
  5. Indeed. The parasite class will probably give the House to the Dems and a super majority to the Senate. Then Odumbo can do just about anything he wants without opposition.
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    I don't believe that will be the case, though it would be interesting to see how many are willing to trade their gun rights for entitlements. I know several liberals where I live who own guns that are listed on Dianne's hit list, and even though her bill won’t pass, some of these left wing gun owners might become a little less left leaning in 2014. We'll see.