Dry conditions affecting Argentine wheat crop - government.

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    Dry conditions affecting Argentine wheat crop - government

    BUENOS AIRES, July 27 (Reuters)
    - Dry weather in some wheat-growing areas in Argentina has begun to affect the 2012/13 crop,
    which farmers have yet to finish planting,
    the Agriculture Ministry said on Friday in its weekly crop progress report.

    The country is the world's No. 6 wheat exporter and the top supplier to neighboring Brazil.
    The government expects farmers to seed 3.8 million hectares with the grain this season,
    down from 4.6 million hectares last season.
    The ministry cited dry conditions in some northern areas of Buenos Aires,
    the province in which more than half the wheat crop is produced,
    and in southern Cordoba province,
    the No. 3 wheat region.


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    Looks like wheat may test the june lows $5.58/$5.88area. Not a prediction. Cordova & Argentina is a beautiful area. I wish the gov wasnt creeping socialist. I like the gov anyway-they love North americans.

    Sara Lee[commercials] like grain cheap/wheat cheap.Not a prediction.Longest trend may stiil be up.