DRWI = Dragonwave

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  1. DragonWave is a producer of high-capacity packet microwave solutions which transmit voice, video, and data over broadband connections. The principal application of DragonWave's products is wireless network backhaul.

    This stock has HUGE short interest and is on the verge of having a buyback approved. In addition, they're currently in discussion with T and VZ to be a supplier in their up and coming 4G build outs and amongst competition, considered to have the better technology and are "preferred".

    I think this thing is stretched tight like a rubber band and in considering the momentum of past, has a good chance of going parabolic with the right news release.

    Anyone have any comments about this one?
  2. Possible double bottom in... Huge short interest, perhaps will move tomorrow?
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    I really, really know a lot about this stock, where I researched it a lot, own shares, and have communicated with customer relations John Lawlor up in Canada.

    This stock will rocket higher as soon as they announce new deals, or exercise an aggressive stock buy back once that is approved by the regulators in Canada.

    This could happen any day, or who knows exactly.

    Once it happens, the huge short position, 25% shorts, will be super squeezed. The stock could jump $1-2 in a couple three days. It used to be a $14 a few weeks ago, but, the shorts hit it hard on the basis no new deals and DRWI is mostly doing business with Clearwire.

    I am the stock for the long haul, because they have quality products, that are or will be in demand, and they can sell and supply anywhere in the world.

    The street doesn't care where the deals wind up as much as that fact that they do big deals anywhere in the world.