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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have two offers,

    Quantitative Research at DRW
    Assistant Quantitative Trader at SIG

    I would be curious about what you would think about these positions and companies. My long term goal(wish) at this point is to become a quantitative fund manager. Which one of these offers do you think would help me reach my goals better.

    Also, currently I am still talking to Credit Suisse for a two year desk rotation program which eventually leads to a trader/structurer role. I am also talking to a hedgefund called Bluemountain which is a 3-4 billion hedge fund specializing in credit strategies. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I would go with DRW, well respected and hard to get into. My experiences with the "Poison Ivy" of SIG was not pleasurable. That place doesn't have the culture I want to be around.
  3. mp3bu


    how long did it take them to get back to u after applying?
  4. Could you elaborate about the culture there? Just curious. I always thought anecdotally that place would be an options traders Valhalla.
  5. They just treated me like crap on the phone and I have heard from others sources that they are a bunch of Ivy League cocky blanks but if someone could correct me....go for it.....