DRV - Thats it for commercial real estate and yes I am very short

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by retaildaytrader, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Thats it IYR fans. Sell all of your holdings in the IYR because the party is over. Time to get into the DRV and YES I am very short...
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    *Damn I just started selling my inverse ETFs today, no use in fighting a manipulated market. The game is over!!!!

    As for DRV good luck, that is one hell of a stock if you can catch it on the upside, but since this is all a game your better off walking away now from that investment since they will continue to drive these markets higher and higher. As for DRN its gone straight up over 100% in the last 4-5 weeks and hasn't stopped yet. Maybe DRV is ready for its turn to shine!!!!!
  3. I tried shorting this piece of shit at 21, 19, and finally gave up at 18. The banks who hold the paper on these SOB's will not allow them to fail. I have never seen so many vacancy signs in my life. From what I have read the fucking banks are taking it up the ass to keep these fuck sticks from failing. You might be right though, maybe it is time to short this ETF. Since the concensous is that the worst is over, the banks might not be as tolerant with the under performing pieces of shit. I might rejoin you in a short position.


    forget about the mortgage payments. how do they manage the other incidentals.. cleaning/ maintainence fees, landscaping, security, taxes.. electricity..???
    When drive around and see the VACANT real estate, i WONDER Who the hell can pay the TAX PAYROLLS and keep maintaining these properties..!
    I also wonder how so many business in America are still able to afford their rents...

    I guess u cant think like a common honest home owner , who knows the responsibility of making his months mortgage.
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    Near me there are dozens and dozens and dozens of empty commercial buildings, why anyone would want to go and sign a 5-10-20 year lease to open up another pizzeria, flower shop, dry cleaners or a fucking deli is beyond me. Most of these empty buildings will stay like that for years to come and anyone wanting to come in and lease better have a good business plan ahead of them to keep what ever business they have moving along.
  6. No one said trading the market would be easy. Stocks commonly trade over and under their real valuations all the time without obvious reasons. They can do this for months or years while you look at them with mouths open wide wondering as to why.

    What is even more mysterious is the effect of certain events on stocks...a good example is HUSA. HUSA was trading at 20 dollars and then a SeekingAlpha blogger came out with an article basically re-hashing public information that was known by the markets. The stock then suddenly collapsed by 65% of its highest value...amazingly, in the article it placed a value on the stock of 65% of its current value...

    ...and who was the author of this article? A well educated analyst from Wall Street? Nope...just some guy hiding behind an alias who could be anyone who has written 3 slam articles on seekingalpha recently. Just a guy who somehow has the power of English behind him.


    You see, you are really dealing with mob mentality in the markets. Reason, rationale and logic do not come into play here at all. In fact, sometimes when the entire market is reaching super lows there are stocks moving to highs...remember HOTT? How does Hot Topic defy the S&P going to 666? How about Jo Ann Stores JAS? Why in the world is that reaching lifetime highs?

    S2007, all I can say to you is that everyone knows the market is going to trade in a manner that will make them scratch their head and question it. Its not easy to make money in the market and the logic of the IYR constantly moving up despite obvious fundamental flaws is a shining example.