Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Real

Discussion in 'Economics' started by traderpro, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Damn funny, that.
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    Great post, thanks for sharing.

    My favorite part of the piece:

    "Customers at the bar told reporters the "shitfaced" and disruptive Bernanke refused to pay for his drinks with U.S. currency, claiming it was "worthless." Witnesses also confirmed that near the end of the evening, Bernanke put money into the jukebox and selected Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" to play five times in a row."
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    Hard to tell this one was an "onion" story....so close to the truth it could actually happen.....
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    I can't imagine how funny this article must be to bernanke and staff.

  5. :D

    I hope these traders hung in today, dow-N a nickle