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  1. The drunk euphoria amazes me. Not even funny to me anymore. Serious mental retardation more like it.

    Dow runs up almost 300 pts on news of rio tinto/allcan AND early reports of STRONG retail sales.


    Retail sales come in at lowest level in 2 years. So what, another shot of Patron please!

    How does the global economy benifit from a single company buyout? Who cares!! pass the hash pipe bra!

    The market seems so out of touch with reality of situation and is diverging from this.

    Hank Paulson is Jim fucking Jones!
  2. Have you been drinking sir?
  3. sooner or later, the dollar will become a problem. for now it's a mini 1999 though. with all the big money laying on the beach, there is not too much to worry about. After labor day?????? the fed has boxed themselves in quite nicely, no way they can cut rates, and they will have to defend the dollar at some point. Thats what logic would say, but these folks are not real logical.
  4. These stupid FCB's and governments think they can just delay the inevitable by constanting buying agencies or treasuries to keep there currencies where they want to. Therefore, the world is growing, but getting even more imbalanced at the sametime.
  5. I am a bear based on reality. I have been wrong, so apparently I have been drinking something!?!
  6. Go re read the two livermore chapters someone posted. Great salve for the soul. I see what you see, but it's not in the tape. It'll come. Be alive for it.

    Here. I went and got it for you - it's that important.

  7. slowing economic growth means less chance of a rate hike which is good for stocks. Thats why we're up today.
  8. yesterday we were up huge on good numbers, today is called momentum, the fed is probably going to have raise rates at some point stock, the only numbers that matter are 1) dollar 2) deficits, and 3) the bond mkt will be raiding rates with or w/out the fed. I have a funny feeling, retail is gonna get sucked in at or near the end......again.
  9. It took me a long time and a lot of money to learn that the economy and the stock market have very little correlation in the short term.

    A famous Bobby Fisher chess quote:

    "Play the board not the man".

    Play the market not the economy.

  10. I'll bet you pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with a cookie each time you come up with theories like that huh.

    I wish I had it all figured out like you.
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