Drunk Redneck Bailout Rant. Must See!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dr. Zhivodka, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. hahahahahaha

    Amazingly enough, i happen to agree with him on everything, if not for the retarded accent, he's 100 % on target
  2. Reminds me about many years ago when I went to a psychiatrist who used hypnotherapy to cure my addiction to liquor.

    He also helped me to lose weight and start saving money which became a permanent part of my lifestyle but he couldn't affect my use of bad language one iota.:D
  3. LMFAO... is he really using a toilet and rubber ducky shower curtain as a backdrop to discuss our economy?

    FYI to the guy..Thain was from the NYSE not Nasdaq.
  4. Yeah nasal Yankee accents sound so much cooler.

    Want some sear-ip on your hatcakes for breakfast, ay?
  5. Mud Pancakes!!! Look it up!! :D

    I love that guy. We need less Lawyers and more of him in this world.

    BTW: I'd bet this guy was a Marine or in the Army. I recognize the dialect. :cool:
  6. Banjo


    ROTFLMAO, He should've been speaking at Davos.
  7. BwaaaaaHahaha. Thanks for the belly laugh.
  8. Agreed, the subtleties are there.

    Of course, in his other videos he mentions doing time in lock-up...which is also carries a similar mindset. ha ha ha

    I watched every one of his videos today. Fucking riot. Thanks for the link you made my day! ha ha
  9. Oh really...I didn't see all those. Mabye he was locked up. What does that say about us :)D) ?

    Anyway...the dude cracked me up. Glad you like it.

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