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    The following is a copy of an email sent to Ted Hearne/ Charles Drummond in regards to a spam email they sent me today (1-9-2009). I hope this helps someone that is considering purchasing from these guys.

    Hi Ted (Hearne),

    I used your program for 4 years and consistently lost money. About a year ago, I had a friend that desperately needed medication for a chronic incurable disease. My friend had no money or insurance and he came to me for help. Since I had spent so much time and energy in studying the system I bought from you, I decided it was time for you to put up or shut up. So I contacted you and asked for help. I offered you any sum of money to teach me how to use Drummond’s methods profitably. I begged you to put me in touch with ANYONE that was making money using your system. Unfortunately, you were not able to help men with either request. Since I find myself in the unenviable position of having committed $5,000 and 4 years of my time only to discover that you were the only one that made money on the transaction... well, I am not a happy end user to say the least.

    Today, I received yet another email from you in an attempt to sell me more of your overpriced, overly complicated snake oil. I am insulted that you honestly believe that I would be so stupid as to purchase anything more from you.

    Shame on you. In my opinion, you are nothing more than a scam.

    Please remove me from your mailing list.
  2. opm8


    If I recall I wasted about a year on DG. Came to the same conclusion. Fortunately, I didn't spend a cent on the crap.

    I was in email contact with a couple of guys who had paid for the system and thus had access to the closed forums. Even with the guru's help they couldn't make the garbage work, either.


  3. Weren't you all over Steidlmayer's nuts a few years ago? Now you found a new guru to promote?

    What gives? Did you claim to be profitable with Steidlmayer's material? If so, why on Earth would you go in search of a new guru to follow and promote?



    BTW, you really shouldn't divulge customer info without their permission...pretty unethical if you ask me.
  4. Everyday I use Drummond geometry, sort of, a very small segment. But it's very profitable, and very simple. I too thought his course was a waste of time & money, but I wouldn't have found the nuggets if I hadn't waded through it.

    The same goes for Jack Hershey, there's gold nuggets in his mountain of words too.

  5. That wasn't my question. I don't know anything about Drummond geometry and don't care to.

    I was asking why he kept fluttering around between vendors like some sort of scamming butterfly.
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    Searching DG on the forum led me here. I somehow found it funny that a person complaining not getting a holy grail for the few thousands he paid. And another person accused others to change methodologies from market profile to DG like a "scamming butterfly". What tektick said actually makes more sense to me. He has stated before in his own website that he has experiences in MP and then DG which I find very normal in a lot of successful traders who combined multiple methodologies.