Drummond Dot System - Has anyone heard of this?

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  1. Hi guys,

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    Having discovered the great world of Market Profile a friend suggested it might be worth looking into the Drummond Dot System. Unfortunately he said that finding any information on it is very difficult, although he's trying to find some old papers on it.

    Is there anyone here that's heard of it, and perhaps has any papers on it (or could point me in the right direction) please?

  2. Believe that the Drummond Dot stuff comes from Charles Drummond and Ted Hearne...

    website: http://www.tedtick.com/
    click on "free stuff" to read up on this.

    Hill & Pruitt have a chapter on this in their book The Ultimate Trading Guide.

    Hope this helps,
  3. One of Drummond's students (I think) runs a site where you can find info. www.tedtick.com
    I'm sure they also offer sone indicators for TS and metastock and other platforms.
    Also, the book "the ultimate trading guide" (george hill?) has a bit of info on Drummond geometry (not much, but a start).
    If you find any good resources, please let me know I'm interested in learning more myself.
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  7. Drummond dot is a total of last three bars average ,( h+l+c ) , divided by 3 .
  8. HEY, here is the savant-dot......subtract the next days open from the example below and divide by 7.7 and there is your target from the open for the day in the opposite direction of the RTH session the day before....but not on Mondays or after holidays.


    Michael B.

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    Has any one heard of a program called P & L software. That was based on some course that CMi took in mid nineties. I am looking to educate myself on Drummond