Drugs, trading and creative insight

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Malestrom, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. I'm wondering - have any of you traded while high? Or do you any of you have a history with drugs that you'd be willing to talk about?

    I realize that this might be a strange topic for ET, but I'm wondering for a number of reasons. Among other things, it seems that in the business/corporate world certain drugs tend to be abused more than others. Especially cocaine and amphetamines.

    Also, certain drugs affect the hemispheres of the brain which influence logical and abstract thinking (left and right brain, respectively). Trading especially deals with logic and numbers, but can also be a very emotional, impulsive and abstract methodology.
    A friend of mine in college took loads of psychadelics and reported a vast increase in his creative abilities in regards to number management.

    Anyway, just curious.

    Oh yeah, this can include alcohol, nicotine, cough syrup...whatever. Legal & Controlled.

  2. Blow is immensly popular among the floor traders, and I can see why. Phsyical stamina & shouting/pushing/shoving/cursing/waving better than the competition are probably more important than any anylitical ability. For an off the floor daytrader, from my experience, blow does more harm than good while trading. Different skills involved, although I suppose it could benefit a timid gunshy type trader.

    Goes without saying that weed/extasy/narcotic painkillers can only do harm to one's trading. Can only speak of the latter from personal experience though.